Why is LinkedIn important for students?

By Jackie Duc

That is a good question, and I am glad you asked! In this computer crazy world we live in, it is more common to email someone then it is to talk to them in person. This idea that we all exists through our online profiles has extended in to the domain of job searching and networking through websites- mainly LinkedIn! LinkedIn is essentially a professional Facebook and it allows individuals to make and keep connections with anyone they know, either in a professional or personal context.

Profile: You’re profile should essentially act as an online version of your resume, but the awesome part about it is that you’re not confined to 1 page! You can include more past experiences, more bullet points, and more skills! It’s important that you always make sure your profile is up-to-date because employers can always go look it up!

Connections: The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more potential connections you could make. When your friend, is connected with a recruiter for a company you’re interested in, it makes it easier for that recruiter to find your profile.

Skills: There is a whole section in your profile on LinkedIn that allows you to showcase your various skills. Unlike a resume, you are allowed to list your skills without having to work them into bullets. Instead, your connections can endorse your skills! This means that your connections can look at what skills you have listed, think “Hmmm… Joe is really good at Public Speaking… I think I will endorse him!” And then with one click of the mouse, you have been endorsed. Again, the more connections you have the more endorsement you are likely to get!


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