How to Use Linked in to Find a Job

By Sahar Rammaha

Check out this related video:

LinkedIn— the Professional Facebook. Knowing when it’s time for a job is easy, but the tricky part is finding one, or at least knowing how to find one. The first step is to find out what position you’re seeking. Learn all the titles that go under the position to increase your search options in order to get a higher rate of results.

Next, use the linked In advance search function and enter keywords or a location if necessary. You could also include a title for the position you’re applying to find similar results. Once you get your list of results, you can then start lurking through your second degree contacts as explained in the video. If you’re interested, send them a request and an optional customized message explaining your interest.

Lastly, once a connection is made, check out their profile! They may have experience that you may like to follow, so asking them about tips is probably the right thing to do.


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