Interview with Career Services

 Created by Christina Busquaert


March 2015

Today I am interviewing Jackie Duc who is a Career Ambassador at OU Career Services in 154 North Foundation Hall. We are going to get more information about what Career Services has to offer and even tips on resume writing and interviewing! Let’s get started!

C: Hi Jackie, thank you for meeting with me today. I am really excited to get some more information about Career Services.

J: Great to have you here! Career Services has a lot to offer through career coaching for students during their time here on campus and after graduation.

C: What do you mean career coaching? What services do you offer for career coaching?

J: We provide a variety of services to students and alumni. Career coaching is the broad term we use here to encompass all that the Career Consultants and Career Ambassadors do. We offer resume review to develop a solid on-point resume as well as help on how to write a cover letter. In addition, we conduct mock interviews to help prepare students on the interview process and tips on how to answer those behavioral questions. We also focus on job search strategies through the utilization of OU CareerLink, social media, and other resources. On top of that we provide Career Coaching outside of just making an appointment. We also have presentations and workshops to help students develop professionally. For example, last week we had a session on “15 ways to Gain Career-Related Experience” in the Gold Rooms.

C: Wow! I didn’t even know you had such a brand range of resources in your office! You mentioned Career Consultants and Career Ambassadors? What is the difference between the two?

J: Career Consultants are the experienced professionals who are liaisons to the different schools such as School of Education and Human Services, the School of Business Administration, School of Health Sciences, etc. Students and alumni can make appointments with these consultants to go more in-depth on their resume, interview techniques, and networking tips. If someone has never been to the Career Services office before and has never had a career-related experience, they would meet with a Career Ambassador. These Ambassadors are a group of students from all different majors who provide general resume and cover letter tips and provide job searching strategies by encouraging students to sign up for and utilize OU CareerLink and LinkedIn.good experience

C: Many students and alumni are searching for jobs and looking to gain career-related experience. What do you suggest they do before they graduate?

J: Career-related experience is anything that is related to your major including an internship, a part-time or full-time job, a co-op position, volunteer experience, or a leadership position with an on-campus organization. We recommend that students start early while they are still in school to gain that career-related experience. Not only is it a good way to test drive the career but it is also a great networking opportunity and resume builder. Remember, any experience is good experience!

 C: How do students make an appointment?

J: Students and alumni can make an appointment by visiting 154 North Foundation Hall and or call (248) 370-3250. You can also go on our website at for more information!

C: That’s all the time we have today! Thanks Jackie for the great overview of the office. Career Services has a lot to offer students and alumni on helping you nail the resume, land the interview,  and prepare for the job. Find out how to build marketable skills and earn professional work experience before and after graduation through targeted internships, one-on-one advising, special workshops, career fairs, and more. Make an appointment today!



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