Article Review: 5 Tips for Becoming An Unforgettable Intern by Zachary Croteau

By Steven Tocco
Read the article here!
This article is perfect for anyone who might be in an internship they don’t particularly care for, or someone who is getting ready to apply for internships this summer and need an extra boost of motivation. The article describes the attitudes one should constantly employ even when they’re at the bottom of the totem pole in a new place and where motivation may be a struggle.
The first tip talks about knowing your place and not feeling entitled. I think this is very important with any position, and every time you make a first impression with anybody. It’s also important to not confuse entitlement with being yourself. If you act like you’re only worried about pleasing people, then you might come off as fake and awkward. So, think about it like this: if you work hard, and keep a positive, real attitude, you’ll grow and move quicker than you’d think.
The second step is very well written, and I agree with every word in the third step. Learn from the author’s experience! Going above and beyond when given the chance can only help you get noticed, and form good habits right off the bat.
Going back to attitude, the fourth step discusses how to avoid complaining like its the norovirus. Use your please and thank you’s often, because this shows gratefulness. Being grateful is essential, even if you’d rather test the sturdiness of a brick wall with your face then do one more repetitive task.
The conclusion of the article talks about networking while showing appreciation. This ties all the other tips together and reiterates how important attitude is in the workplace. Lastly, I cannot stress enough how critical networking is when job searching. Do you know how to network? Come into Career Services Monday through Friday until 5pm and learn how!

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