How to Seek Out Mentors on Your College Campus:

By Jordan Belanger

Having a mentor in college can be imperative to the way your future pans out. A mentor can be the one person you need to help your decide your career, get a letter of recommendation, or even find you a job one day! A mentor can be a colleague, professor, adviser, supervisor, or even a classmate. So, how can you find a mentor here at Oakland University?

Take the Initiative

If you have sought out a person on campus who you want to be a mentor of yours, take the time to approach them and get to know them. Forming a relationship with a mentor takes time, and someone has to make the first move. Step up and show your initiative and wishes to be mentored!

Maintain Your Relationship

Make sure you are talking with your mentor every so often, not just the first and last weeks of school. If this mentor is someone who you feel can really benefit you, make sure to keep in contact with them frequently. Set up a monthly coffee or lunch get together, just to catch up and talk about what is going on!

Ask the Right Questions

Ask your mentor questions that you cannot find on Google. Ask them for advice, tips, or to clear up confusion about a topic. Mentors are, or were, a student as well, so they know exactly what you are going through. Do not be shy or afraid to ask questions that will only benefit your future!

Go to Office Hours

Yes, that scary line at the top of a syllabus that most of us skip over and blank out of our minds forever. Be bold and different from the rest of the students in your class. Go meet with your professor or adviser during their office hours to ask the questions that they did not answer in class. This is an excellent way to show them you are interested in their class and what they are teaching. Sitting down and talking to someone for even 10 minutes can go a long way!

Take Interest in What Your Mentor Does

When building a relationship with a mentor, there are three things you want to make sure you do: understand that they want to know you, express your interest in what they do or why they do it, and bring your own passion and questions to every conversation. Do not be afraid to take someone’s time, it just might change your life!


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