It’s Senior Year – Now What?!

By Jackie Duc

So, it is senior year for a lot of us students here at OU and graduation is rapidly approaching. For months now, the only question on our minds is what comes next? It feels like the daily question from everyone you meet is “What will you be doing after graduation?” That, sir/madam, is a very good question. As a student graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, it feels like there are too many options to possibly make a decision. Am I supposed to go on to grad school? Or should I be focusing on trying to get a job? All of these options… I thought when I picked my psychology major 4 years ago I had made all of the life choices…. Boy was I wrong.

I’ve been talking with several people in Career Services over the last year about how to make this decision and it all comes down to what you are most passionate about and what makes the most sense for you. What is your end goal for your career? Does it require more than a Bachelor’s degree? Or is your dream job something that you can start to work your way up to in a company? Are you burned out after undergrad? Or would you rather just keep going with school? Regardless of what you decided, you are officially entering the world of being a young adult….dun dun dun. This means that you need to know how to talk, dress, and act appropriately in a professional setting. Do you know how to write a resume or a curriculum vitae- or what is the difference between the two? How about interviewing skills and how to write a thank you note? You need all of these skills whether you’re applying and interviewing for a job or for a grad school. If you’re feeling the stress of your impending graduation, you should definitely come visit Career Services and let us help ease the tension by making sure you’re prepped and ready for whatever the next steps are after you leave OU!


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