5 Public Speaking Tips to Prepare You for Any Interview

Created by Jordan Belanger

1. Know yourself

  • Since you’re the most well-versed on the subject of you, this is your moment to paint the picture of what you bring to the table and why you’re the most capable person for the job.

2. Bridge the gap between confidence and enthusiasm

  • To make sure there’s a healthy balance between the two, create a list of reasons you’re confident about your ability to perform the job, and pair each one with a reason why you’re enthusiastic about showing up. You should be able to clearly communicate these reasons during your interview.

3. Use your LinkedIn profile to practice

  • Take a look at how you described your role at previous jobs and practice how you might integrate these into an actual conversation.

4. Know when to wrap it up

  • To avoid coming across as a rambler or bad listener, always be mindful of the length of your answers. Even if the interviewer doesn’t give you validation in the form of a nod, smile or laugh, don’t be afraid to simply stop talking once you’ve answered the question. Trust that if they want to know more, they’ll ask.

5. Be a team player

  • Be sure to incorporate “we” language to show your ability to work well with others. This doesn’t mean refrain from sharing your individual responsibilities and accomplishments, but be clear about how those things benefitted your team.

Source: Mashable; Holley Murchison


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