Sahar Tells You About the Applicant Tracking System!

Created by Sahar Rammaha

The ATS is a way that employers sort through online resume applications. Keywords are being used by searching through filters to find the specific resumes that employers want to see. They pick out keywords to ensure whomever they are viewing has the skill set that they are seeking; so it’s important to make sure your resume stands out!

FACT: ATS kills 75% of seekers’ chances of landing an interview as soon as resumes are submitted.



A problem that ATS has is how flawed the system actually is. Sometimes, a job seeker’s format isn’t in the ‘right form’ with the correct keywords or phrases, so when it’s being run through the ATS, it just doesn’t pick up and the individual doesn’t have a an opportunity to meet the recruiter. Don’t get me wrong, the system is pretty smart for those who manage their way around it by using those ‘keywords’. Lucky for you.. I’ll explain how to get to it in a second, but the issue is that it can be a great way of eliminating pointless resumes, but it doesn’t only read the qualifications a candidate may have which is unfortunate.


It’s no secret that resumes are ranked when submitted through the applicant tracking system, so it’s important to make sure you have the highest job score. ATS is designed to rank in a variety of ways where sometimes it can be based off the frequency of a certain keyword and phrase on the document. Also, your resume can be ranked on ‘related words’ where you’re not only using one word consistently, but, for example, if you have managerial or clerical skills, there are other action verbs that showcase them. This helps you aim for a higher score.

Now more importantly, how to beat it

Defeating the ATS:

Optimize your resume content— that’s the ultimate key. Keep your format simple, so it is able to process correctly through the ATS. Keywords is the most important feature of defeating the system. A great way to start is by scanning the job posting or scanning the website. You want to include as many key words as possible to boost your job score grade. Search for key phrases  and eliminate repetition of words in your achievement statements in order to increase your skills and liklihood of being reviewed by the recruiter. Last but not least, make sure your spelling is perfect!


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