How do I tailor my resume?

By Jackie Duc

Tailoring your resume to the job that you’re applying for is an excellent way to get an employer’s attention and to show them that you are a good candidate for the position. Tailoring entails sprucing up your resume often and is a little extra work for the candidateà which is why it will make you stand out! It shows that you were willing to go the extra mile to show the employer what a good candidate you are for the job!

How to start:

Step 1: Look at the job description

See what the position entails and make sure that your skills and experiences line up with the expectations. Scan through the description and the qualifications to look for the skills that the employer wants to see in a candidate. This will help you to know what skills to emphasize on your resume and in your potential interview.

Step 2: Review skills you possess that match the skills for the job

Take a minute to think about what experiences you have that have taught you the skills that match up with those you found in the job description. It is important that you have the experiences to back up whatever you put on your resume! Don’t fabricate experience just for the benefit of trying to be a better candidate and be honest about your skills and your proficiencies at all times.

Step 3: Edit your resume

Now that you know what skills the employer is looking for and what jobs have taught you those skills, you can go through your resume and make sure you emphasize them! You can start off by tailoring your objective (if you have one) to the specific job that you are applying for and by mentioning 1-2 of the relevant skills you possess. This will show the employer what you’re looking for and what you bring to the table as a potential employee.

Ex: A passionate student seeking the ABC Internship at XYZ Co. in order to utilize data analysis and interpersonal communication skills

Then you can go through your bullets for each of your experiences and make sure that you are including any of the relevant keywords that are applicable to your experience. Highlight the skills you possess that the employer wants to see and then back them up with the description of each bullet.

Ex: Coordinated a committee of 15 students by effectively communicating job expectations and responsibilities to each member


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