Resume Branding

Created by Jake Stewart


Branding involves creating a personal brand about you that will convey your value and vision as well as giving a unique perspective of yourself to employers. This branding statement will replace your objective statement, and the rest of your resume will support your personal brand.


Start out by brainstorming a list of words that describe your skills, experiences, and interests. Rank all the words on the importance to the personal brand you’re trying to create. Use the top 5-6 words to create your brand. Support your resume by showing/describing and don’t just tell. Keep in mind your brand should also be tailored to each job specifically.


The top two thirds of your resume are the most important, because a recruiter will typically spend 45-60 seconds the first time they look at a resume. Therefore you need to grab their attention immediately with a remarkable branding statement and compel them to keep reading.


A Mechanical Engineering junior with a focus on Automotive Engineering, dedicated to continuous improvement and attention to detail. Proven ability to apply analytical problem solving skills and work as a team player to get complicated tasks completed.

Junior currently seeking a powertrain internship at XYZ Co. Proven ability to apply problem solving skills and work as a team player to get tasks completed. Competent in accurately and rapidly learning new and complicated task.


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