Evolution of Job Searching

By Christina Busquaert

From faxing to social media, the way we conduct our job search over the past hundred years has changed drastically. An advance in modern services such as the Post Office to technological advancements such as LinkedIn has given recruiters and candidates a more direct route and availability to information.

Here is a brief over view of the fascinating evolution of the job application:

1800s people were born into their jobs.  You became a grocer if your family owned a store or a farmer if you owned a farm. There was no job hunting and career development was nonexistent.  In the 1830s, the U.S. railroad finally gave people the opportunity to apply via mail to apply for interstate jobs since Post Offices started in 1636.  This is also the era when women began to attend college more regularly.

Add a telephone in 1876 and people could start doing their first job interviews.  Or did they? In the 1990s we saw the cell phone industry take off, revolutionizing the digital availability of workers everywhere. The Post War boom in the 1950s created an increase in white collar jobs.

As for the internet and it’s evolution of the job application process, in 2000 it was estimated that 50% of people used online resources to find a job.  What else did the internet change in the job application history?

People were able to email references, research companies and create video resumes.  Further, recruiters could look at applicants in a whole new light by verifying their experience.

Social media, then, took the entire process one step further.  In the 2010s more and more companies are spending to recruit candidates via platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.  Applicants will often provide international video interviews and even hire based on virtual communications alone.

If you’ve been considering the evolution of your hiring process, you’d be surprised to note how much the internet revolutionized what people are capable of.  Just think about it: In today’s day and age, we don’t even bring resumes to our interviews. People are finding jobs on smart phones, too.

The evolution isn’t just really cool.  It allows recruiters to identify misinformation presented by candidates quickly and easily.  Imagine if you had to write 6 letters every time you had a question about someone’s skill set instead?  All of a sudden, it’s pretty obvious why the internet beats working on the farm with ma and pa, isn’t it? The internet allows you to personalize you job hunt and show off skills like communication and charisma.

Staying updated on the ways and routes that recruiters are looking for candidates is essential to your job search. What will the next step be in the progress of job searching? Could we telepathically interview? Will there be a job posting site for Mars? The future will tell!

Source: Nolan, JobScience


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