Get to know Career Ambassador, Jake Stewart!

By Jake Stewart

As we all know school can get pretty stressful and draining at times. It also seems like we never have time to do anything besides go to school and do homework day in and day out.  I have found making an excel spreadsheet of my calendar with classes, labs, study times, work & breakfast/lunch/dinner breaks that I still have time to go out and do the things I enjoy as long as I stick to my schedule.

I really enjoy the outdoors and doing activities that help with the stress from going to school for Mechanical Engineering. In the summer time I enjoy running, riding my road bike, working out, fishing, being on my boat, hunting, and playing both golf and disk golf. One of my biggest passions in life has always been cars/trucks and I would refer to myself as a gear head. So I always like working on my vehicles in my barn and taking them out on nice days in the summer. During the winter months I love snowboarding and usually make at least one trip to Colorado as well as ice fishing, bowling, & working out/running in the rec center.

By sticking to my spreadsheet I have found time to enjoy life and do the activities that I love to do. Since I started doing making my spreadsheet 2 years ago, I have had a lot less stress during the school semesters and being busy everyday with my school stuff as well as the activities I enjoy, the semesters fly by and our over before you know it.


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