Taking Advantage of the Surrounding Resources at OU

By Salma Siddiqui

Think OU’s campus is boring? If so, then you haven’t explored the campus or its surrounding areas properly! Here are some fun things to do:

On campus:

  1. Take a tour at Meadowbrook Hall
  2. Walk along one of the hiking paths
  3. See the John Dodge House
  4. Play pool/video games/ping pong at Bumpers Game Room
  5. Rent a movie in the OC
  6. Join a Student Organization
  7. Sign up for Alternative Spring Break
  8. Lounge on one of the hammocks
  9. Have a picnic
  10. Work out at the Rec Center

Off campus:

Explore Detroit!

  1. Detroit Institute of Arts
  2. Go to a Tigers game
  3. Attend a Red Wings game
  4. Explore the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit
  5. Check out a Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert
  6. Visit a friend at Wayne State University
  7. Eat at one of hundreds of lovely restaurants downtown
  8. Walk along the River Walk
  9. Try to figure out the layout of the Renaissance Center
  10. Go to a play at the Fischer Theatre
  11. Go to an opera at the Detroit Opera House

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