How to Start Your Day the Right Way

By Salma Siddiqui

Often times, it’s hard to get out of bed and force ourselves to go to work in the morning. Here are some tips to get your day off to a better start:

The day before:

  1. Exercise for at least twenty minutes per day: this will help you sleep better
  2. Pack a nutritious and delicious lunch to give yourself something to look forward to at work
  3. Eat a balanced dinner
  4. Shower before you sleep to save yourself some time in the morning
  5. Pick out your clothes for tomorrow so you aren’t scrambling to find something to wear in the morning
  6. Make goals for tomorrow that you can look forward to completing
  7. Sleep at a normal hour and do your best to get at least eight hours

The morning:

  1. Don’t stay in bed after your alarm goes off—get out of bed immediately
  2. Eat breakfast, no matter what
  3. Listen to a pre-made playlist for the drive tomorrow so as not to listen to annoying commercials on the radio
  4. Alternatively, play an audiobook that you listen to exclusively in the car. This will make your drive more enjoyable
  5. Find positivity in the work



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