Megan’s take on Journaling

By Megan Tack

I’ve always wanted to keep a journal, and at least four or five times every year, I’m inspired to sit down and start one. Unfortunately, this means that four or five times a year, I am reminded of the fact that I don’t have twenty minutes every day to devote to writing down my hopes and dreams. The good thing is, you may not need to spend that much time (or even write that much) to get started. An article from The Muse, entitled “The One-Minute Writing Activity That Will Make You Happier Every Day”, says that writing just one or two sentences about your most powerful memories each day will give you all of the same therapeutic benefits of keeping a journal. I decided to try it out.

The Question: Does a short daily log actually serve the same purpose as a longer journal and make you happier?

For two weeks, I spent the last two minutes of my day writing down a few sentences about what had happened that day. I wanted to know if making a minimal effort would really work, and so I always wrote at least two sentences, but never more than a paragraph. Was The Muse’s theory right?

The Verdict: Yes!

Writing down a few thoughts forces you to consider your entire day, but just journalize the most important parts. You can’t focus on just the small concerns or complains – you have to put everything in perspective. Also, because you only get a few words, each statement counts. Because of that, I found myself searching through my memory to find the things that made me happiest that day. Each sentence was really important, and so I wanted each sentence to be a happy one.

Writing in my journal has become one of my favorite parts of my day. It’s relaxing, fun, and it allows me to relive all of the best experiences I’ve had. By doing this, I’ve committed two minutes to letting myself enjoy my day and be happy, and I’ve loved it. It you have a spare two minutes in your schedule, try it out sometime. You just may be able to keep a journal yet.

Read The Muse article here:


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