How to Knock the Socks off your Mock Interview

In short, a mock-interview is a practice interview that is between you and a Career Consultant, employer, or friend. This is a preparation tool that you can use to ace your real interview.

You may think, “I guess mock interviews are important because practice makes perfect, right?” WRONG. Perfect practice makes perfect! Therefore, you and your interviewer must execute the mock interview properly so that the real thing is a piece of cake (or at least somewhat sweet).

The key to a great mock-interview is pretty obvious… MAKE IT REAL.

1. Send your mock interviewer a job description of the job that you really want, so they can prepare questions that the actual interviewer(s) might ask.

2. Prepare and dress for the mock interview like you would for the real interview.

3. If you know your mock interviewer, pretend as though they are the real interviewer.

4. If you are going to a mock interview with an employer, consider choosing an employer that you would like to work for. It can lead to bigger and better things!

5. Recap the mock interview with the mock interviewer to discuss your strong and weak points. Here is a great place for you to TAKE NOTES.

6. Thank your mock interviewer for helping you learn, grow, and preparing you for the best interview of your life.

At this point you know how to approach the mock interview the right way. You may also be ready for the Academy Awards with your new acting skills!

Do not back out on a mock interview because you think it is not useful or because you are scared. You will certainly learn something and it will make your actual interview much less scary!

Contact Oakland University Career Services today to schedule your mock-interview with an Oakland University Career Consultant.

Email:    Phone: (248) 370 – 3250

By Niko Parks


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