Dear Career Ambasasdor

Dear Career Ambassador,

I wanted to know where to start applying to jobs. I am in the pre-med field and have been applying to volunteer at hospitals, but I’ve never received an email back. What should I do?


Hello there,

Don’t worry, I have been in your shoes before and know what it’s like. First off, try calling or visiting the volunteer site and asking where application is during this moment. Once settled, start expanding your options. You need clinical hours, so it doesn’t need to be strictly hospital facilities. Ask your family physician, friends or family if they know anyone interested in hiring or allowing a student to shadow them for any task. Start small and build up because all experience is good experience. If you still want a hospital job, look into becoming a medical scribe or a patient mover with companies such as PhysAssist, Scribe America, and more. Check hospital job postings for experiences that only require a high school degree. Considering all of this will help you get on the right track! Good luck.


Your Career Ambassador,

Sahar R.


Email us with any more questions at!


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