#IGotTheJob: Sahar

Who: Sahar Rammaha

What: X-Ray Tech/ Chiropractor Assistant

Where From: OUCareerLink.com


This is a story about the time I got the job. I’m currently a sophomore at Oakland University and I’ve been trying to get experience in the med field, so I checked a job posting for my school’s career website and found one that I was interested in. Here are my tips:

  • Even when you don’t think you have a chance; it’s always good to give it a try. Applying to jobs that interest you can never hurt you so go ahead and take the risk because you’ll never know.
  • I catered my resume to the employer by including experiences that contain transferrable skills. Even though I have limited experience in the medical field, I was still able to relate my previous positions as a Telemarketer and Career Ambassador to the job position than I was with my background as a nurse assistant!
    • So don’t be afraid of bringing up old experiences during your interview as long as you follow the guidelines of staying relevant.
  • Do not over prep for the interview. I recall always making a script for interviews and only recently realized that it had harmed me more than anything since I wouldn’t recognize how robotic I would sound. If a job is best fit for you than just go in with only knowing what to say for “Tell me about yourself” because everything else should just flow to you naturally. I promise you, don’t overthink the interviews because it will only show employers a nervous front even though you should be confident in yourself.
  • If you think the outfit doesn’t look professional, then you shouldn’t wear it. If a suit/blazer looks too big then stay away from it. I paired a neutral grey sleeved blouse and black straight pants with curled hair.
    • Try going for a natural make-up look because less is more since the whole interview is always face to face.
  • I checked out the job posting and paid attention to the details such as travel percent and job type (full time, part time, co-op). It didn’t come as a surprise when the employer asked how flexible my schedule can be and if there were any restrictions that I had with traveling out of state for work reasons. Stay educated my friends!
  • After the interview, I was told that I would get a call back 5 days later but received a call within the same day!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything by emailing me:


Sahar Rammaha


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