Need an Internship?

Finding a Summer Internship

By Sahar Rammaha


Dear Career Ambassador

Dear Career Ambassador,

I wasn’t able to attend the career fair and now I feel out of luck for an internship. Is it too late to find one now? I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.

-Struggling Student


Hi Struggling Student,

It’s understandable that not all students were able to make it to the career fair, but that doesn’t mean your internship luck is on the line. Sometime students have class or work conflicts with the career fairs, but luckily for Oakland University students, we have a really active job posting website! Every day, you can browse through around 700 active job posts of anything from internships, part time or full time positions. Keep checking it daily as more posts come in and you’ll find something for you. If you need further help, seeing a career consultant would be your next step. They specialize in going into specifics so it would definitely come in as a huge advantage. All of these OU Services are free so use them to your advantage!


Your Career Ambassador,

Sahar R.


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